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What will the cost be to play on a Santa Barbara SC team for the 2021-2022 season?
Fees vary among age groups as well as teams within an age group depending on planned activities for the season and the level of commitment required by a team. Within Santa Barbara SC, families will have multiple options and can choose a level of commitment (based on staff team tier selection) best suited to their needs. Santa Barbara SC is a non-profit organization. We offer first class coaching, facilities, competition, and player development. Santa Barbara SC’s fees are priced competitively. Uniform cost is in addition to team fees.
2021-22 10 Month Season Fee Structure:

Birth Year
2015/2014 – $1600
2013/2012 – $1700
2011 – $1900
2010+ – $2100

What does the payment schedule for the season look like?

Payments can be made either in full at the time of registration, or in 10 even monthly payments due in the office by the 15th of each month (2015-2008 birth years: May-February, 2022; 2007-2003 birth years: June-March, 2022). Youngers (2015-2008) player fees and registration is due May 20, 2021. Olders (2007-2003) player fees and registration is due June 20, 2021. 

What forms of payment will you accept for registration and subsequent payment installments?
We accept Visa, Master Card & American Express. Please note that there is a 3% convenience fee for using a credit card to make any payments. We can accept debit cards and personal checks. We do not do auto draft/automatic withdrawals from bank accounts.

Do you offer discounts for families with multiple Santa Barbara SC players?
Yes. Families who register multiple players for the 2021-2022 season will receive a $100.00 discount on player registration for the 2nd and $200.00 on the 3rd and $300 on 4th and subsequent players.

Do you offer financial aid?
Santa Barbara SC has the capacity to provide some scholarship assistance for players’ families with financial need. Click here to complete scholarship application. 

Who do I contact if I have finance related concerns?
If you have any questions or concerns regarding financial considerations including payment of fees or our need based scholarship program, please contact our Club Registrar.

Santa Barbara SC Provides

    • Professional US Soccer Federation Certified Coaches
    • Full-time Director of Coaching, Technical Director, Academy Director Development Directors, Goalkeeping Director, and Age Group Coordinators.
    • Full and part-time registrars and administrators
    • The best game and training facilities in Santa Barbara
    • Club-wide development, periodization and curriculum plan
    • Individual player development plans and specialized feedback (evaluations)
    • Goalkeeper, Striker and position specific training (offered 3 days a week)
    • Club wide Futsal third day training option for 2014-2008
    • College Connection Coordinator, college placement program and College Fit Finder resource center for 2006 & older
    • Fall league registration, referee fees, local Santa Barbara tournament (2014 to 2008) or equivalent friendly competition (2007-2003)
    • State and National Cup or an additional tournament 
    • Insurance coverage for all players at all Santa Barbara SC organized events
    • Levels of access to financial support through a scholarship program
    • Exclusive discount rates on local day/residential camps and futsal programs
    • Special rates on athletic gear, food and drinks at select retailers

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Elite (MLS & Pre-Academy), White & Blue teams = equal a minimum of two (1.5 hours each) practices per week for a 10-month (school calendar) season conducted by a professional US Soccer certified staff coach

Red teams = equal a minimum of two (1.5 hours each) practices per week for a 5-month (fall school calendar) season and one (1.5 hours each) practice per week for 5-months (spring school calendar). Teams, practices, and games are managed by a volunteer coach with a team-by-team basis decision to have training conducted by a professional certified training staff coach

Santa Barbara County has cleared the way for Soccer to resume, with modifications, as long as certain COVID-19 indicators continue to be below threshold levels. To read more on the Return to Play Guidelines from the State and County, please click here

PDF 2 – Return to Play

Santa Barbara County has cleared the way for Soccer to resume, with modifications, as long as certain COVID-19 indicators continue to be below threshold levels. To read more on the Return to Play Guidelines from the State and County, please click here

There are 3 steps each player needs to complete in order to return to play. All 3 steps must be completed by the first day of camp.
  1. Must be registered: Must be a registered Santa Barbara SC Player for the 2020-21 Season or have registered to participate in tryouts. Click here to register.
  2. Must complete and sign waiver/release: A signed waiver and release for Communicable diseases (includes Covid 19) is required before your child can return to play. Note: if your waiver/release is not signed on the first day, your child will not be allowed to participate. Click here sign waiver.
  3. Review safer training plans: All players, coaches, parents, and administrators must review and adhere to the safer training plans. Click here to review.

Click here for Field Schedule

It is critical that all players, coaches, staff, and parents are aware of the safer training procedures. Click here to review.

All players and parents are encouraged to take the SafeSport training module, available here for free.

For all SBSC Staff, masks will be worn at all times. For Players, masks are REQUIRED at ANY TIME social distancing cannot be maintained.

Parents / spectators are NOT allowed to watch from anywhere at fields due to COVID. All parents are required to wear masks when in public spaces, per the County of Santa Barbara. NO PARENTS OR VISITORS ARE ALLOWED ON THE FIELD OR INSIDE THE GATES OF GIRSH TURF.

Drop off is ONLY at the Phelps Road Parking Lot; Pick up is ONLY at the Ice in Paradise side. There will be no exit on the Phelps Gate, and no entry at the Ice in Paradise gate. To reduce crowds entrances and exits are one way only.

Players driving are to park in the Phelps Road parking lot. Coaches will know who is needing to retrieve a vehicle from the Phelps exit and will escort players out of the facility.

Water. Players will NOT be allowed to use their own ball. Please limit what you bring to training camp. Each player will have a designated space to place his or her belongings. Equipment for Goalkeepers will be communicated directly from the Director of Goalkeeping.

  • If a player develops symptoms of COVID-19, outside of camp participation, you are to contact the Executive Director immediately. From there, an assessment will be conducted, and if need be, the contract tracing and notification protocols will be activated.
  • If a player becomes symptomatic during training camp, that player will be moved to an isolated area, and the Potential Exposure Assessment & Response plan will be activated immediately.

Santa Barbara SC has developed an approved response plan to address this issue should it arise. While every precaution will be taken, in the event that a player does fall ill, parents or any player who had, or could be reasonable assumed to have had contact, will be notified. This would include all players on any given team, as well as any players on the field before, during, or immediately after a known exposure, and prior to sanitization of facilities and equipment.

For additional information, please review the resources below:

Our virtual player tools educational platform provides players the opportunity and guidance to develop outside of the context of the regular training sessions. A few of our support features include technical skills videos, moves of the week, homework, skills challenges and mental strategies to improving your individual player development plan. The program as part of our curriculum was created to provide our players the tools to become much more confident and creative with the ball at our feet. 

Skills Challenges

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Club YouTube Videos

Team Zoom

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Strength and Conditioning

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