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2020-21 Season Registration Information & Support

  • Important reminders for registration: 
    • Registration for the 2020-21 Season will be done via Total Global Sports – you must click on the link to register.  
    • As the club transitions websites and registration platforms, please note you will not be able to register by clicking the “login” button on the club homepage.
    • Registration for Club Soccer is by invitation only.  
    • Player invitations for the younger (2013-2007) teams will be sent by March 15; 2012/13 Tryouts will extend throughout the summer.  2006 and older teams will be announced by April 14th.  
    • Player invitation emails will come from “TOTAL GLOBAL SPORTS”; the subject will be “YOUR PLAYER HAS BEEN SELECTED”.
    • Please follow the link in your player invitation email;  please use the unique code provided via email.
    • You will need a “Parent Account” in order to “add” your player to your account.  
    • You cannot have two or more accounts with the same email address.  If you have previously used your email address for your Childs “Player Account” you will need to use an alternative email. 
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