At Santa Barbara Soccer Club, we believe in developing players to his or her full potential. Our goal is to help each athlete explore their love of the game from the recreational to professional levels of play.
2024-25 Club Team evaluation details:


This is for ALL NEW PLAYERS ONLY, not existing Santa Barbara SC or CCA team members. 

Club team formation for boys and girls age groups will be conducted as open evaluations for ALL NEW PLAYERS (2017-2006 age groups) for the 2024-25 season within the teams existing practices during the month of February to May.

Santa Barbara SC

  • Click HERE for Boys Schedule (Boys: 2017-2010) and Click HERE for Girls Schedule (Girls: 2017-2010)
  • NOTE: Boys & Girls: 2009 & older please register below for tryouts and dates/details will be emailed to you shortly. 

COACHING ASSIGNMENT Posting here in February


Our Club has programs and resources to develop players (2017-2006 age groups) for the 2024-25 season at every level. We have playing opportunities whether you are interested in playing locally, high school, college, regionally, nationally, or professionally.

Santa Barbara SC’s competitive club team formation for boys and girls age groups will be conducted as open evaluations for ALL NEW PLAYERS (2017-2005 age groups) for the 2024-25 season within the teams existing practices during the month of August (Rounding Out Rosters.)

Coaching Assignments for the 2024-25 Season (Coming in February )

Coaching staff bios, click here.

All teams are structured with the following naming conventions and tiered system, selections based on playing levels.

  • 1st Team: Elite (MLS Boys Academy, DPL Girls Academy & Pre-Academy)
  • 2nd Team: White
2024-25 Club Team Evaluation details:
  • Click HERE for Boys Schedule (Boys: 2017-2010) and Click HERE for Girls Schedule (Girls: 2017-2010)

Meetings are for parents of NEWLY SELECTED or returning players who have been ‘invited’ to respective club teams. The meeting will cover the following information; team planning, schedules, coach introductions, fundraising, registration, scholarships, and more.

Email Director of Coaching, Andrew at andrew@santabarbarasc.org for details.

This is for ALL NEW PLAYERS ONLY, not existing Santa Barbara SC or Central Coast Academy team members. 

  • Click HERE for Boys and Girls 2017 to 2006  
Note: Please allow 48 hours for Administration to provide all registered players with dates, times, and locations pertaining to evaluations


How do I register for evaluations?
Players can register for evaluations online. Registering online is MANDATORY and allows us to both prepare for expected numbers and keep you informed of any changes. It also expedites the check-in process when you arrive. Players should register a minimum of 24 hours prior to the first scheduled tryout. 

Do current SBSC players need to participate in evaluations? Register online? 
No and No

Should players attend all evaluation sessions? 
Yes, players are expected to attend all sessions for their age group if and when at all possible. If you cannot attend all the dates then have your child communicate to the age group coach at evaluation session. 

How do I determine the correct team and age group for a player? 
Players should be evaluated for the age group indicated for their birth year per the matrix below. Evaluations are scheduled for an age group as a whole where abilities are evaluated. Team assignments are based on these assessments from our professional coaches. 

Season Birth Year 
2018 to 2006

Evaluations start with the U8 (2018) age group and my child is U7 (2019). Can he/she still play on a team?
Yes, 2019 players are encouraged to attend 2018 evaluations. If enough players have the ability and desire to play at that level, we would not be opposed to allowing players to play up an age for a year. Also, we have a SELECT TEAMS program that provides opportunities for players to still participate in our developmental programs in this age group.

I notice you have multiple teams within an age group. How does my child get evaluated for a particular team?
Evaluations are scheduled for an entire age group. At these sessions, players will be evaluated extensively as an age group and placed appropriately on a team based on assessed experience level.

How many teams will there be in each age group?
Generally there are 2 teams in each age group.

What is the club’s policy on roster size?
Santa Barbara SC will strive to keep teams to a size that allows sufficient numbers for training and maximized playing time. As a general rule we keep squads of 7v7 soccer to 11 or 12 players; 9v9 we will keep squads of 12 or 13; and, 11v11 teams to 16 or 20 players depending on the age group. Individual teams will have different needs based on schedules, physical demands, and potential conflicts – all of which can influence the size of a team roster.

Can my player try out for an older age group or ‘play up’ a year?
Players should attend age appropriate evaluations to ensure proper team placement. For a player to be selected to play up with an older team, the Director of Coaching must determine that the player will be an impact player who needs to play up to ensure he or she is appropriately challenged. The Director of Coaching has the final say whether a player may ‘play up’ an age. For the full policy click here.

My child is younger than 2018 birth year and just wants to train. Can he or she do that?
Yes, Santa Barbara SC offers several age appropriate player academy developmental after school programs throughout the year. Information on the clinics are available by clicking here.

What should players wear and bring to the sessions? 
Players must wear a White T-shirt or Jersey, proper soccer cleats, shin guards and bring a ball and water. Any color shorts are acceptable. 

What if it is raining the day of evaluations? Will you cancel?
It is unlikely we will cancel sessions. We will e-mail all registered participants by 2:00 pm on the evaluation date only if the session is canceled. If no email is sent, evaluations will be conducted as scheduled.

How are players evaluated at the sessions? 
The professional and knowledgeable coaching staff evaluates players based on Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psychological components of the game.  

What if a player is injured or cannot attend the evaluation session for the team he or she is interested in? 
Please email the Director of Coaching prior to evaluations for alternative options to be evaluated. Players must register for sessions even if you cannot attend in order to be considered.

Who selects the team?

The Santa Barbara SC age group coaches, assistant coaches and professional coaching staff will select the players for their respective teams. Decisions will be based upon input from the previous year’s coach, Santa Barbara SC’s directors and technical staff, as well as staff designated to next year’s team.

Who will coach the team? 
Click here for the link to coaching assignments. The club may field multiple teams and coaches within an age group. Our staff is committed and responsible for aspiring to learn through interaction, adaptability, preparation, and acquisition of industry badges. Our highly experienced coaches value education and recognize the importance of developing the whole person.

When can we talk to the staff regarding player placement? 
No discussions will take place before or during the evaluation. No discussions will take place on the field during or immediately following evaluation sessions. 

When and how will players be notified if offered a spot on a team? 
Player placement will be communicated via email directly from the Director of Coaching to the players after the evaluation process is completed. 

How soon do we need to reply to an offer? 
In order to guarantee your player’s roster spot, players (parents) should reply immediately or must reply prior to the initial registration (night) date/deadline. The player should be aware, however, that the offer for a particular team may be rescinded after the specified period if the player has not yet accepted the offer and the roster for that team has reached capacity. 

If I am offered a roster spot on a Santa Barbara SC team and wish to accept the offer, what’s the next step? How do I register for the team?
Registration occurs online by clicking here, only complete if you received acceptance to a team. You will be notified of how to register in the invitation email.

What will the cost be to play on a Santa Barbara SC team for the 2024-2025 season? 
Player Fees for the 2024-25 Season are as follows:

Fees vary among age groups as well as teams within an age group depending on planned activities for the season and the level of commitment required by a team. Within Santa Barbara SC, families will have multiple options and can choose a level of commitment (based on staff team tier selection) best suited to their needs. Santa Barbara SC is a non-profit organization. We offer first class coaching, facilities, competition, and player development. Santa Barbara SC’s fees are priced competitively. Uniform cost is in addition to team fees.

To learn more about player fees, membership benefits, & financial assistance click here.

Club Policies

Evaluation procedures and movement of players within the club.

Players will be evaluated in their correct, age-appropriate age group unless they have permission from the Developmental Director and signed off by the Director of Coaching. The only exception is if they currently already play within an existing Santa Barbara SC team in a different age group (previously signed off on by DOC) within the club.

The primary goal of Santa Barbara SC is to develop each and every player within the club to the best of their abilities. To achieve this goal, it is the club philosophy that players develop best playing in their appropriate birth year age groups. Therefore, all players will register in their birth year age group unless explicitly notified by the Director of Coaching prior to registering.The Coaching Advisory Board, however, also recognizes that there are sometimes exceptional circumstances where a player may possess any combination of technical, tactical, psychological or physical abilities that are superior to their peers in their age group. In order for that player to properly develop, a decision may be made to have that player play in a different age division.

The Director of Coaching, whose responsibility is to oversee the development of players in the club, will make the final decision on the appropriate placement of players. As part of the decision-making process, the Director of Coaching will consult with Developmental Directors, Age Group Coordinators, coaches, parents, and the player. If the decision is made to move a player to a different age group than an explanation of the decision will be made to the Coaching Advisory Board, the coaches, players, and the parents of those directly affected by the decision.

Consistent with club philosophy, the emphasis in league and tournament play is player development whereas the focus for State, Regional, and National competition is the success of our Santa Barbara SC teams. To this end, the Director of Coaching has the authority to move players for State, Regional or National Competitions in order to provide teams the best opportunity for success in the tournament. As an example, players who have been moved up for developmental purposes during league play may be placed back in their respective birth year age division in order to improve the opportunity of a particular team to succeed in the tournament. As with any player movement between the teams in the club, the Director of Coaching will consult with the Coaching Advisory Board, Developmental Directors, Age Group Coordinators, coaches, parents, and the player affected in the decision, but the final decision on which team any player plays will be made by the Director of Coaching.

Decisions will be communicated in advance of the upcoming season i.e. decisions for spring (2017-2009) will be made in March & (2008-2005) in April/May. This policy has been formulated by the Coaching Advisory Board of Santa Barbara SC and approved by the Executive Board.

(Match Play)
‘Balancing time to nurture development’

Leagues & Tournaments

Playing time is an important factor in player development, the table below outlines the minimum amount of playing time that Santa Barbara SC deems correct to aid development. Please note at the older ages, 2009 & above, players enter the Zone 3, ‘competing to win’ phase. Santa Barbara SC deems that this is the time when players are mentally ready to understand that they are competing for playing time, thus there is no guarantee of playing time. Please see below the playing time (minimum minutes) chart:

Age Groups | Game Time  | (Leagues & Tournaments)*  |  (State & National Cup)*
2017 to 2012 age groups | 50 minutes games (25 minutes) | (20 minutes)
2011 to 2010 age groups | 60-70 minutes games (30-35 minutes) | (25 minutes)
2009 to 2006 age groups | 80-90 minutes games | No guaranteed playing time

*MLS & DPL Platform rules are provided in the player and parent packet. 

California State & National Cup

Santa Barbara SC understands that the above tournaments are prestigious tournaments, which if we win, will elevate and give the club recognition within the Cal South soccer community. In addition, players also need to be placed in an environment, which creates competition and adversity. Thus, for our 11-a-side teams (2009 & above) there will be no guaranteed playing time. The players who demonstrate the consistently higher levels of competitive match play will earn playing time.

SBSC Teams

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MLS Next Teams

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DPL Teams

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