Playing Philosophy

The club playing philosophy will mirror our club core values.  Our playing philosophy is built around a player centric model with the individual person being at the core of all decision making.  The players, teams and club will depict strong common characteristics with their teams while portraying an attractive attacking minded brand of soccer.

The style will depict smart, intelligent, skilled players that have the desire and confidence to ‘boss’ the ball and dictate play.  This will be accomplished with possession with purpose, playing through the lines with a desire to penetrate and create goal-scoring opportunities.  Players will attack with freedom to create and wiliness to take risks while developing an understanding of width, depth and overloads.

Our defensive posture will be one of immediate desire to press and regain possession and understanding of transitional moments.  If this does not occur then our players will possess the understanding of proper recover runs, lines of confrontation, individual and small group defending, predictability and team compactness.