Volunteer Leadership

Volunteer with Santa Barbara SC Director of Coaching

Santa Barbara SC is in large part a volunteer youth soccer organization.

A significant portion of our administrative & coordinator positions are filled with parents & community members, volunteering their time and wanting to give their children the best soccer experience possible in our community. Although club parents are required to contribute to the organizations by volunteering hours, we need significant help in other areas as well. As the Director of Coaching, Greg Wilson, is seeking help in any of the following areas.

You can use this volunteer opportunity to fill your mandatory hours!

Want to apply?

PLEASE SIGN UP for one or as many of the following positions to help us continue to support our programs. To apply, or if you would like additional information, please email sbscdoc@gmail.com.

Recreation League CoordinatorKen GreenbergFilled
Director of Fields & Facility MaintenanceJuan RamirezFilled
Assistant Director of Fields & Facility Maintenance Edgar MoralesFilled
Recreation & Competitive Field Coordinator / SetupOscar HernandezFilled
Coaching Staff AdministratorCoordinate with DOC & Club Administration to assist with all coach level administrative support outside of team structure.
Michelle JonesFilled
Photographers/Pictures Tony Cirincione, Eva Turenchalk, & Lesley GonzalFilled
E-NewsletterEva TurenchalkFilled
Graphic Design/Canva Marketing ProgramAngie BryanFilled
Website Design & Administration
Sheralyn Baltes & Ali RandFilled
Individual Player Development Plans Coordinator (Girls) Organize club level coach/player evaluation forms (system)
Virginia ZaragozaFilled
Individual Player Development Plans Coordinator (Boys) Organize club level coach/player evaluation forms (system)
Stacie RichardsFilled
Winter Cup Competitions (Boys) Coordinator Javier MusleraFilled
Team Roster CoordinatorEdith LopezFilled
Google Calendars, League Scheduler & Field Schematics
  • Create and monitor the game schedule for all seasons of our Competitive League play.
  • Create a system for Competitive
  • Coaches to sign-up for scrimmage space during all seasons
  • Communicate the game and practice schedule & schematics to the coaches
    Assist in creating the schedule for our annual Soccer Tournament
Noah CanfieldFilled
Winter Cup Competitions (Girls) Coordinator Jeff Frazer Filled
Winter Cup Scheduling Coordinator Michael MillerFilled
Holiday Auction CoordinatorLaura BellFilled
Club Wide Marketing Translations Ignacio EspondaFilled
Branding, Marketing & Advertising CoordinatorBen Borowski & Krista Treide Filled
Social Media Jules Hastings Filled
Constant Contact Marketing Vanessa Soria Filled
Coaches Uniform Coordinator Nikole Gabrielli PaulosFilled
Coaching Staff Events CoordinatorAssist with administering 3-4 Coaches socials throughout the year (Season kick off, club night, Holiday Party....)
Charlotte Early, Beth Goodman, & Stasia HuinerFilled
Coaching Education Proofreader Travis Bower & David MalvinniFilled
Jr. Coaches Program Liaison
Laura BellFilled