International Trips


Santa Barbara SC is excited to partner with EPL Sports tours.

We strongly believe in the value of international training and the experiences gained from traveling and playing abroad. As part of our curriculum and developmental program, we have a system that enables U12 and older teams a lifetime of International playing and viewing experience.

Players are provided a once in a lifetime experience, learning the life a professional player, watching international fixtures, competing against top international academies while receiving a world class education and culture tour. 

Of traveling experience for our club teams.

  • Recruitment and retention of players through positive life experiences
  • Player and coaching developmental access and experience
  • Brings parents and supporters together to build club wide unity

For the players experience.

  • Enjoy a once in a lifetime experience
  • Learn qualities needed to become a professional player
  • Develop skills in state-of-the-art professional facilities
  • Compete against international teams
  • Learn, watch and experience professional and international matches
  • Explore famous and noteworthy sights of cities visited

What are the first steps for team to organize your soccer tour?

Santa Barbara SC will need to work with each team to ensure proper fundraising and overall plan adheres to club wide international travel policy. Firstly you should contact the Director of Coaching for approval then you can contact an EPL sports tour one of our tour specialist.

Organizing a tour takes a lot of time and effort and can be very stressful. EPL tour managers will be on hand to regularly meet with your team and ensure that your tour will be exactly how you want it.

What is the average planning time for a tour? It is recommended that you start the planning process anywhere between 6 months to 2 years ahead of time.

Can EPL Sports assist the club with a fundraising plan? We understand that most tours are very much dependent of fundraising. We will be more than happy to share any fundraising ideas that are tried and tested by other groups as well as donate signed memorabilia (whenever possible) that can be used for auctions or raffles. In the past Santa Barbara SC has actively assisted teams with added club wide raffle ticket sales.

Do you need to be an Elite team within Santa Barbara SC to travel?  Absolutely not! Santa Barbara SC and EPL Sports cater to all ages (above U12) and ability levels and each tour is custom designed for your exact teams needs. EPL sports take pride in finding the perfect level of competition to fit each and every teams needs.

Will your team be able to watch your favorite professional team play?  The live professional matches that you watch will depend on the dates you travel and match scheduling. But, every effort will be made to coordinate professional games as part of your experience.

What teams will we have an opportunity to play against?  Our aim is to make your friendly matches enjoyable and competitive. We will work with your coaches to organize matches of the appropriate ability level.

 Will there be time for sightseeing?  If sightseeing excursions have been requested for the whole group, then they will be incorporated into the itinerary. However, parents are more than welcome to organize extra sightseeing away from the group itinerary at your own cost.

— Andrew Montenegro, DOC