The Vision of Santa Barbara SC goalkeeping program is to enhance each individual club level players techniques and goalkeeping skills to achieve the highest level of development. This is accomplished through our Director of Goalkeeping’s  clearly defined and administered curriculum including; footwork, handling, distribution, diving, shot-stopping, communication, dealing with crosses and overall presence and command in the box. Our system encourages and ensures goalkeepers emphasize foot skills and overall ability to start the attack. In addition, the program is designed to develop players understanding through match analysis and game day evaluation and reflection. 

David Elias

Originally from Huntington Beach, CA
USSF B License
MLS Goalkeeping Staff Experience
Current UCSB Men’s
Assistant Coach
Division I College Player: CSF

Ages. 2016 to 2004 birth year boys and girls

Level. Offered to Santa Barbara SC & Central Coast Academy team players                                                                                                   

The curriculum is designed for goalkeepers interested in reaching the highest level. Designed and led by Santa Barbara SC Goalkeeping Director, this specialized development curriculum will focus on areas such as shot-stopping, dealing with crosses, game management, distribution and goalkeeper specific strength and agility exercises.  

Incorporating goalkeepers into training sessions.  Within the warm- up, technical & technical/tactical portions of the session the goalkeepers will be utilized as field players and during the technical/tactical, tactical and small sided games portions of the session the goalkeepers will be primarily utilized as goalkeepers.

Fall goalkeeper periodization plan. 

September 5           Handling, shots from close range (2008 to 2004)

September 12          Diving Technique, shots from dead ball (2016 to 2009)

September 19          Diving Technique, shots from dead ball (2008 to 2004)

September 26         Handling, shots from close range (2016 to 2009)

October 3               Footwork, One v One (2008 to 2004)

October 10              Playing out of the back, Technical Efficiency & Recovery movements

                               Positioning, shots from various angles and footwork one v one (2016 to 2009)

October 17             Playing out of the back, technical efficiency/recovery movements (2008 to 2004)

October 24             Dead Balls, punts, distribution, shots from far range/recovery movements

October 31             Playing out of the back, technical efficiency/recovery movements (2016 to 2009), dead ball, punts, distribution, shots from

                               far range/recovery movements

November 7             Recovery movements, shots from the angle (2008 to 2004)

November 14           Crossing, highball, recovery movements (2016 to 2009), handling crosses, corners, shots from close range

November 21           Positioning, shots from various angles (2008 to 2004)

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For Additional Questions Contact:

  • Director of Goalkeeping: David Elias

“The goalkeeping leadership and curriculum ensures that the players learn and fine-tune all the techniques, decision making and skills required to become a great goalkeeper.”

— Greg Wilson, DOC