College Connection

In the fall of 2008 Santa Barbara Soccer Club launched, ‘College Connection’, an unprecedented college support program that has set the standard for club college support programs around the country.  To date Santa Barbara SC has placed over 150+ players in various top Colleges and Universities throughout the United States.

Santa Barbara SC & Central Coast Academy ‘College Connection’ support program sets the standard for clubs around the country.  To date Santa Barbara SC has placed over 150+ players in various top Colleges and Universities throughout the United States.

For aspiring prospect student athletes, finding the correct college fit can be an exciting and time consuming experience. The club offers a part time College Director for both the Male and Female placement programs, working with the teams and players to assure that our prospective student athletes find success in the college recruiting process.

We continue to be instrumental in providing the necessary resources to guide players towards reaching their goals.  Our college program features College Director, College Seminars, a Virtual Education Center, SAT/ACT Preparation, Junior Support Meeting, Video and Filming Support program.  The program provides all the necessary information on becoming and remaining eligible to compete in intercollegiate athletics, academics, the student-athlete experience and key issues and the guidelines for college-bound student-athletes.

Benefits program. provides each and every Santa Barbara SC & Central Coast Academy player in the 2008 & older age groups.

College Director. Assists with all the below benefits as well as travels to various Showcase events to help market players as well as enhance the direct communication with college coaches.

College seminars. Provide two annual seminars on a range of topics such as Gaining Exposure, Being Discovered, Marketing Yourself and college coaches Q&A panel.

College team meetings. Administer two annual team level meetings on the important steps to consider throughout the college recruitment process as well as enhancing your chances of playing at the collegiate level.

College individual meetings. Conduct one annual meeting in conjunction with your team on individual college search and goal setting.

College ID Camp. Provide our teams with a college ID training camp (at a minimum cost) to assist in increasing the exposure opportunities for the purpose of enhanced scouting and recruiting to Colleges and Universities.

Selected College Showcases. Throughout the year (refer to your individual team for details).

Video recorder and camera. The club provides a HiPod that is available for players or teams to ‘rent free of charge’ to support players that would like to create their own highlight videos. Sign Up Here!

College Seminar Series

Santa Barbara Soccer Club is excited to announce our College Seminar Series for our prospective college student soccer athletes. Topics of discussion will be focused on:

  • What can I do during this challenging pandemic time (and beyond) to help myself with the recruiting process?
  • How to best prepare myself for the college recruitment process?
  • What are coaches looking for in prospective student athletes?

Spring Seminars

Coming Soon!


Spring Schedule: 

Boys MLS Next 
Monday June 3rd 5pm – 8pm (20 minute increments)
Friday June 7th 4pm to 7pm (20 minute increments)
Girls DPL
Friday June 14th 4pm – 7pm (20 minute increments)

Hayden Carlson & Scott Buie, UC Davis, (Class of 2020) video coming soon!

Buba Fofanah, Portland, (Class of 2020)- click here

Spring College Seminar Series

Boys MLS Next 
Girls DPL